Arvind Joshi: „what are the guards talking about in the dark?“

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Radovan Vlahović


Danijela Trajković

This book was published as an award to the author based on the competition of the 9th European Facebook Poetry Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia, organized by Banat Cultural Center and Novi Sad Fair.

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Arvind Joshi is a poet based in Delhi and writes in both English and Hindi. His published works are Songs From Delhi (2002) and Main Astronaut Soon (2014).

Joshi’s manuscript What Are the Guards Talking About in the Dark brings thirty four poems, written in free verse, but also in rhyme. What this poet’s thoughts occupy mostly are silence, the time after midnight, other people’s conversations, etc. The poet is not focused only on himself, but being curious by his nature, even though not young anymore, he still wants to know what is going on around him, what other people do, think, what the things around him think. So, the focus is basically on others, but in a strong connection with the poet.

(…) and want to know badly / what / people and things / they talk about. / what / are the stories / that can still / walk about / and disturb the silence? (What Are the Guards Talking About in the Dark). Arvind Joshi in his poetry shares with the readers some beautiful images of the place and the time he listens to other people’s talks, walks, movements, not all of them necessarily during the night when the poet enjoys his cigarettes and sounds, but as well he shares with them the images of summer days, memories, doing absolutely nothing. The poet shows that he is not in a hurry, he always has time, which can make us, the modern people, living in the world of fast speed and very often in a hurry, think how could we do the same thing that is of great importance for us, how to slow down with our lives and give us a chance to hear other people’s conversations, not to be all the time busy with our jobs, how to get closer to the people around us, how to have the time for others, but also for ourselves to relax, how to be more human, still keep being a modern one. (…) then i drive to the farthest mall /without touching the brakes at all / and listen / to the broken conversation around me / as i wait, unhurried, / for my coffee. (I do Intricate Things With My Hands) or (…) Light my cigarette and listen / To her sing. / For hours, hours. (On a Perfect Afternoon).

Danijela Trajković




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12 x 20 cm

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